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Medications,Drugs, and alchohol

It is not a good idea to do anything when one is taking drugs,  and this  includes the medications that doctors sell legally,
they are still drugs, and a dope addict is a dope addict, no matter where they buy the drugs from.
Alcohol is the same, Drunks are drunks, and  anyone on "booze" is unreliable, Why do you think they have laws against driveing while "boozing",  anyone that depends on "booze" to have a good time is no different then any other dope addict that depends on dope,...
Thank God, and by the Grace of God , I am sober today.

There is a way to escape, and be free , you don't have to be a slave to the booze, or the dope, or anything else for that matter.
Interested ? just ask here.


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