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So called "Animal Police", Do they realy protect animals ?

All though the pretext sounds good, "Oh, we are just trying to do what is best for YOUR pet", or, " We are protecting animals and pets from
neglect ,and abuse ",.... Being a "animal police" agent is a good way to get expensive animals at no cost, and make a profit from it.

From :
  Rescue Raids: The Confiscation Racket
The FIRST thing you must do when Animal Control or SPCA shows up, legal advice, resources, case examples of illegal animal seizures, charges, fees.
April 2018 update |

Barbara J. Andrews, Editor-In-Chief

SPCA Officer confiscating a dogThe first thing you should do is step out of your entry way, close the door behind you so that they can't SEE anything they can report as needing to be checked on immediately. The second thing is politely, with due respect, ask to see the warrant.
  Do not allow anyone to roam around, peek in windows, or in any other way peruse your home or grounds until you have been presented with a duly issued warrant.
   If they attempt to ignore your demand, step inside, lock the door and grab your camera or cell phone to record your repeated request for a warrant and continue to record anything they say or do. Yes, you have the legal right to do so.  Their only legal recourse is to leave to prevent you from recording the proceedings.
This article is long because confiscation of purebred pets and saleable livestock can be extremely profitable and is on rise again.  Numbered reference links provide detailed information for your review.
  The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), founded in 1866, has no affiliation with local groups.  Any rescue, humane society, or individual may become a non-profit "SPCA".  ABC News 20/20 spent a year investigating SPCA groups based on animal owners’ claims that SPCA falsely accused them of neglect, then confiscated their animals and sold them. In SPCA Steals Animals{1} ABC's John Stossell said "I thought they were heroic animal rescuers, but some animal owners say they act like petty tyrants, confiscating animals that aren't in trouble. The SPCAs are not police agencies, but they are given the authority to act like it. Animal owners tell us SPCAs abuse their power to steal people's animals.”

   It is a very long article, but a must read for any pet owner, be it a dog, cat, horse, or even parrots, etc. Be wary of forums and face book, these "animal police" do search and browse these places looking for their next victim.
   Be very careful about who you talk to and what you tell them if and when you are in a public place, like a park, walking your dog, or taking your parrot out for a stroll , the "animal police" do frequent these public areas as well.


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