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Witch doctors and Homoeopathic medicine

Yes, you got it right, this is a topic about witch doctors and Homoeopathic medicine.

from: … cle&id=548
It seems that at present there is insufficient scientific evidence for homoeopathy for it to be a convincing form of treatment. Whether it will gain scientific credibility in the future remains to be seen. Doctors may wish to keep an open mind until the evidence is clearer, since history teaches us that orthodox medicine is not always superior to practical contemporary wisdom.

The solution to this debate lies in ensuring that further well-conducted clinical trials are performed, involving collaboration between homoeopathic practitioners and physicians. It could be argued that such physicians should be those with no interest in promoting the practice of homoeopathy, precluding undue claims of bias. … ctors.html

Homeopathy is witchcraft, say doctors
Homeopathy is "witchcraft" and the National Health Service should not pay for it, the British Medical Association has declared.

My own personal experience , I have seen several friends die at a young age, after trusting the  Homoeopathic witch doctors, and there is a good chance they could have been cured if they had just trusted real medicine, plants, herbs and God , instead.


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Re: Witch doctors and Homoeopathic medicine

I have known more the one person that died, because instead of using a real doctor, and real medicine, they choose to believe one of these Homoeopathic
practitioners,  in one case it was "appendicitis", and a routine operation could have saved my friends life.  Unfortunately he had been so brainwashed, and misinformed by this so called Homoeopathic  promoter, me and a few others
were unable to convince them to see a real doctor, .... but then again I suppose
that should be in another topic. Sorry, but when ever I see this :

Employing the best:

Hoemopathic is not the best, it is the worst choice,  sadly my friend was convinced, by the same type of propaganda, some body brainwashed him
into believing a lie, and he really thought it was the best method, even though
medical science and research has proven appendicitis can be treated and if the medicine is not effective, removing the infected organ is usually successful if done before it bursts.


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