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Life would really be boreing if it was like this

Inspired by this : … 77#p654370

by THX1138b » 2017-09-12 16:48 --partial quote----
Automation will free humanity from every burden eventually.

Life would be truly boring if it was like this.  And we would all become ignorant
slaves, unable to figure out even the simplest task, because everything was all ways done for us, "automatically" .
We would become a society of ignorant and useless creatures.
Only capable of doing what some automated machine permitted us to do.
There all ready are way to many people that can not use search engines, because they are to ignorant and lazy to think of the best key words, and
countless people can not follow simple instructions, because they only know how to "click" the little icon, and the rest is done automatically.
   Countless people now a days can not even do the basic multiplication tables
in their head, with out a calculator.
  A zombie, that can not do anything besides sit and watch a video over and over, is not my idea of being free, and the burden on society is heavy, somebody has to feed and care for them.
How many people even know how to plow a field and plant a seed so they can have food to eat ?  None of the slaves to automation know, they only know to
eat what the machine tells them to, and allows them to. That is not my idea of freedom.


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