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Speaking of Richard Stallman,..

I did not know he (Richard Stallman ) is familiar with Parrots,  seems to like them :
And this is very true:

DON’T buy a parrot figuring that it will be a fun surprise for me. To acquire a parrot is a major decision: it is likely to outlive you. If you don’t know how to treat the parrot, it could be emotionally scarred and spend many decades feeling frightened and unhappy. If you buy a captured wild parrot, you will promote a cruel and devastating practice, and the parrot will be emotionally scarred before you get it. Meeting that sad animal is not an agreeable surprise.

It is very sad to see a Parrot locked up in a "jail", and the poor bird is innocent, never committed any crime, 
All my parrots are free to come and go as they please,  they have "nests" not cages, all though in some cases the nest is a old cage, with the door removed,  they seem to like to go inside, and that is where they go at night or if get scared.
The smaller parrots don't go out side much, they are safer in the "house" I built for them, a huge room where they can fly around, etc.  Sometimes they do go out, but return quickly, maybe the cat scares them, or some of the other wilder birds that live in the great out doors.


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