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Why you should NOT use Google-Chrome

I may get "penalized " by them for starting this topic, but any way it is just opinions, and talk,..
I did a search using the same key words as the title:
Why you should NOT use Google-Chrome
About 2 years ago, maybe more, I used to use "chromium", which is the same as "google-chrome", but I noticed it started changing, and
seemed to be doing to many unexpected things to my computer.  Then it got so bad, and it would crash, taking the entire system with it.
A web browser should not be so tied into the computer system that if the browser crashes, the entire system crashes,... I mean if the browser crashes, no big deal, I actually get more done any way , if I am not online. So if the browser crashes, I still have plenty of things to do, and don't need to be using a browser or be online.
Later , when I do need to go online, I can see about trying to get the browser working,...not with "Chromium",..if it crashes the entire system is down,... so any way, I decided to remove the mal-ware, and start using another browser.
After removing Chromium, the crashes stopped, and the un-authorized changes to system files stopped,... have not had these problems ever since I stopped using Chromium (Google-Chrome),.... 

This is what Richard Stallman says :


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