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Welcome to the "For the Birds Forum". I will try to keep the rules simple: 1. No adult material, and no links to adult type sites (porn), any posts containing links to adult sites, and porn sites will be deleted and the poster will be submitted to a data base, and listed as a spammer. 2. No spam, now I know there are a lot of SEO engineers, and Marketing Engineers that are real smart alecks, and use the fancy titles to try to make it appear they are something else, but they are spammers, and we all know basically what spam is. Spam is any unwanted material, and I reserve the right to decide what material is desirable or not desirable on this forum. When the posts contain links to commercial sites, and are for the purpose of advertising and promoting those sites, or a product, these are spam, and unwanted. The only exceptions would be if the person has contacted me, and I have given them permission to promote a product or a commercial web site. This includes if any one uses the signature and profile options, if they include links to commercial web sites, sales site, or other commercial services, they will be considered spam, and submitted. Again, the only exceptions would be if I have given permission. If it is a personal "homepage" or website, there will be no problem, if you are not sure, ask me here. The forum is protected by a script that normally blocks most spam bots, how ever it is not designed to block humans, and these rules are for the humans that can register and wish to post, submit material , etc. And you are welcome, just keep in mind, it is not a "Free " advertiseing" and sales board, it is not a Free public "bill board", it is not for profit, including myself, Spammers will be submitted to a data base and listed as spammers, also banned, not only from this site, but any others using the same data base. Thank you and I guess that is about it for now. P.S. If there are any questions, just use the reply option, here: For Questions or comments

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