This is Brian

This site is a experiment , using OpenBsd, also it is about my parrots

How ever other topics and interests are welcome, that is to say it is not limited
to just my interests.


This is Guako, a mackaw,

Home Page


If you would like to register and be able to submit material or post here you are welcome to.
Please note though;
Please use the "Create account" option, no e-mail will be sent automatically, but you must include a valid e-mail.
This is so I can send you a e-mail with your password when I activate the account.
After you log in , you can change the password, and the e-mail address if you desire, keep in mind that
if you do change the e-mail, and it is not valid, there is no way besides here I can contact you if need be.
Also , all though your e-mail is kept private, I mean that I would not give it out to anyone, this site is not
a "https" secured site, one should be aware of the risks and not use a e-mail address that is for important
or sensitive use.
Since this project is entirely experimental, there also is some chance that everything will just "disappear" in
the event that something goes wrong. How ever I will be trying to keep backups, and avoid losing everything
because of some mistake or some thing.
Known spammers will not be accepted. Any one that does register and starts submitting spam, will be banned
and deleted, also submitted to data bases and listed as a spammer, along with the other "known" spammers.
If you are not sure about what kind of material or post is spam, it would be best to just post a brief note as to what you have in mind, or e-mail me, and ask first. You will receive my e-mail address when I activate the account,
it would be wise to save it, so if and when you need to contact me you have it handy.
In a nut shell anything that is commercial advertising, links for SEO use, and links to commercial sites.Porn, and other undesirable material will also be considered spam.
Members can start pages on other topics, besides parrots and OpenBsd, how ever I do reserve the right to reject any material.
I guess for now that is about it. Thank you for visiting.

I did receive the actication e-mail

Hi, Jim , glad to see you were able to register. Feel free to start your own topics or pages, etc.
If you or any one have any questions, you may ask here.